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Protect your site and your people with the help of our experienced  
Safety and Environmental Experts
Making sure your people
and your business are protected and safe. Period.

Doing things right.
Solutions are customized to meet your needs based upon your structure, culture and resources. We've been around the world and worked with top performing organizations so we know what they do to be the best in the world.
We've also been on the inside so we know how things work and, we've developed simple tools to help you get there!
 Don't risk fines, bad press or jail for not managing safety properly!
Put the elements in place to sleep soundly knowing that your company's Health, Safety and Environmental Management is working well to reduce and eliminate your unique risks.

"The President would like to have you audit before the shutdown because your previous audits reduced the number if incidents during the shutdown. Kudos to you and your team!"
- International Forestry Co.
"Thank you for the excellent work, as always!"
- M. Dumontier EHS Director, Fraser Papers, Gatineau, QC
What can we do?

Development and implementation of Health and Safety Management Systems  - ISO 45001 and CSA Z-1000

Safety and Environmental Audits

Safety and Environmental Auditor Training

Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment and Safety Awareness Training

Risk Assessments

Human Performance Improvement / HPI / HOP and HROs

Behavioral Safety Training and Program Development

 Outsourcing of Health and Safety Professionals

All services are available in French and English
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  Montreal and Longueuil, QC
In Montreal, in Quebec, in Canada or across the globe, FRYTEK has contributed to the success of many company in North America.  
See what we can do for you.
A Montreal, au Quebec, au Canada or partout dans le monde,  FRYTEK a contribué au succès de plusieurs entreprises.  Voyez ce qu'on peut faire pour vous.